Hyewon Cho (M.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2018), UNISCA Alumni


UNISCA provided priceless opportunities for me. It taught me to not limit myself but to think broader and look wider. The association stimulates not only one's development but also catalyzes synergy among consultants. Various and valuable experiences at UNISCA nurtured my dream and led me to join one of the Fortune 500 firms.

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Woo-Jung Kim (B.S. Business Administration, 2017), UNISCA Alumni


Through ICON, I could learn how to define what a real problem is by identifying the subject of the problem and was able to estimate the size of the market. With further analysis eventually, find a solution for my client. I also try to perceive how effective the given solution was by research what kinds of attempts were made before and how much better the new solution was. Currently what I am doing is similar to what I did on ICON, so the experience I gained from UNISCA was actual training is a real help to the workplace.

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Aikerim Orken (B.S. Business Administration, 2017), UNISCA Alumni


At UNISCA, I learned to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds, extract the right information and design the right solution for specific issues. Also, it doesn't hurt your resume at all! In fact, the skills and experience I've got at UNISCA and ICON helped me to convince my current employer that I'm the right candidate for a job.


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Tae-hoon Jeong (B.S. Advanced Materials Science, 2017), UNISCA Alumni

At UNISCA, I have successfully completed PowerPoint training for preparation of presentations, which was not easy to learn in engineering classes. When I presented to the client about the research that I found, I learned that differences of minor skill could eventually represent professionalism for the presenter.  With the help of UNISCA members, these processes are now becoming a big weapon in collaboration meetings and in a group presentation.

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