International Consulting Network (ICON)


International Consulting Network (ICON) is an entrepreneurial consulting organization run by students from a multitude of disciplines and countries.


Chartered member institutions around the globe include universities from United States, Sweden, Israel, China, Switzerland, Spain, and not to mention South Korea.


Recruited consultants are undergraduate and and graduated student hailing from diverse disciplines such as Engineering, Business, Sciences and the Arts.

ICON has been focusing on the rapid expansion of student consultancy in the United States, Sweden, Israel, China, and South Korea. Each country’s chapter is responsible for the development of local recruiting, fundraising and training of consultants. The leadership team in the respective countries recruits projects and focuses on quality assurance for clients. Universities affiliated with ICON utilize resources of partner institutions. The ICON Executive Board continues researching technology clusters to expand its knowledge base and expertise on relevant companies across the globe.

UNISCA members have participated in numerous number of projects offered by ICON last several years. Projects has included companies and start-ups from various industries and various countries. UNISCA as a team offers education and shares experiences from those cycles.

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