UNISCA is the strategic consulting association at UNIST focusing on providing a business’s successful and solid plans in this innovative and changing era. We work with companies in diverse industries to develop strategies that deliver values. While working directly with the clients, we diagnose the status quo, prescribe actions to remedy and improve the situation. These actions include thought leadership, partnerships and not to mention deep industry knowledge. We as a team provide education sessions for consultants to understand the business and its question, and gather information to provide the right answer to the question.

UNISCA has so far conducted diverse corporate projects in many industries. These participants have different education and academic backgrounds; undergraduates to graduates, business administration to engineering departments. As the consultants at UNISCA are highly talented as well as enthusiastic, we offer diverse internal group activities such as workshops, education sessions, programming language learning sessions, and so on. Through these programs, consultants build their network with international consultants and develop professional skills.



Finding Novel solutions in the new era of Business

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