Business Intelligence Group (BIG) of UIUC

Blockchain Introduction

BIG breaks down one of the most buzz-worthy technologies: blockchain.

Expert Roundtable

In this collection of interviews, data science professionals discuss some of the challenges within their industries and their experiences in keeping up with the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Skill Sets for Success

What do hiring managers really want from prospective employees?  The Business Intelligence Group investigated, interviewing industry experts, career services advisors, and students to gauge perceptions of requisite skills and student readiness for careers in big data.

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About the Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group (BIG) is a consulting organization within the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences (iSchool), headed by Professor Yoo-Seong Song. Consultants are primarily graduate or PhD students from the iSchool, though students from the Gies College of Business MBA and Accounting Science programs are regularly represented each semester. BIG has developed a diverse portfolio, providing quality services to local and international clientele. Most recently, the organization has proudly partnered with UNISCA on multiple engagements.

Thought Leadership Projects

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